About Me

Obsessed with Pretty

Fine Art    ~    Surface Pattern Design    ~    Teaching

Of all the things I do, one thing remains constant:  Art.  It has been the central driving force of my life.  I’ve always had the urge to make things more beautiful.  Whether that’s by creating colorful art with acrylics, designing patterns to be used on textiles or other objects, or teaching someone to paint, I rejoice in adding beauty to the world.

I graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in fine art and an all level teaching certificate.  I went on to teach art at both the elementary and the high school level for the next 16 years.  Teaching art to young people taught me as much as it taught my students.  Kids are great at forgetting everything else and just getting engrossed in the way the paint moves…painting with wild abandon with no thought of anyone else’s opinion.  I learned that the best art happens when you’re most involved, when you’re in the moment, when you are delighted and passionate.  Sometimes the best art happens when you play.

I’m so grateful for the lesson of passion and play in art because it brought so much joy to my work. I’m very blessed to be able to do what I love every day, always with two doggies at my feet to keep me company.

Surface Design

I am a creative, driven designer.  I like to tweak a design until it sings.  That song is exactly what brings delight to the consumer.  Delight is my end goal; to create something that makes people just a bit happier.

The excitement of beginning a new project is one of the best parts of my job, second only to seeing an idea come to life in the real world.

If you have a need for a pattern or design for your product, I’d love to work with you.

Fine Art

I’ve been drawing and painting since I was old enough to hold a brush.  Painting for me is a way to get in touch with the hidden parts of my soul.  I like to work intuitively, not planning a painting out from the beginning, but rather beginning with random mark making and splashes of color and letting the work unfold organically.

My fine art celebrates the tender, sweet, beautiful moments in life.  I love animals as well and they often appear in my work.


I am one of the teachers in a fabulous course called Dancing With Your Dreams.  We are exploring our mysterious dreamscapes and using art to dig even deeper.

I teach about developing your own personal visual vocabulary to help define your style and communicate your deepest thoughts and emotions.   Together we create an intuitive painting, “bringing out the dreamer”.   The classroom is open through October, 2014, so there is still time to join us if it calls to you!

Get in touch. Let’s make something beautiful together.